Right now we are in a holding pattern, waiting on the new year for some treatment for my son.In the meantime, we are adjusting meds, continuing counseling, and just generally trying to keep our heads above water. It’s exhausting sometimes. As a result, my brain is scattered….completely. Some days, I have a handle on things and I feel like I’m accomplishing all the things I need to, but most days, I feel like there are a million chickens in the room and each one demands my full attention. Do you know what I mean?

I know I am not the only one out there who feels this way, for one reason or another. How do you handle days like this? How do you try to stay organized and productive when your brain is going a million miles an hour and you can’t seem to catch up? I would love to hear your ideas?

2 thoughts on “Scattered

  1. a) I love those Little Miss books. 🙂
    b) I am a big list maker. I feel a lot better to put things on a list and I can get to them another time, then just a lot of brain juggling. 🙂

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