New Ventures

Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves at new crossroads with decisions to make. I found myself there about a week or so ago.

I have a secure job that pays well enough and my boss is great, but let’s face it, when you are an administrative assistant, there isn’t anywhere else to go, it’s a dead end. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about jobs and what I need to do and found myself needing to make a decision. Someone asked if I had my teaching certificate. I don’t, of course, ┬ábut I do have my Bachelor’s degree in IT. When I asked them what that would take, they gave me a few websites to check out.

Now, I haven’t thought about being a teacher since I was a little girl. I used to play teacher with my sister. I loved leading the class in lessons, even though she didn’t always want to play the student. When I was a teenager I thought it might be nice to be a teacher, but my head was so into the boys around me, and so not into the ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I graduated high school, I thought I knew, but I was one of those who really had no idea what I wanted to be so I had an on again, off again relationship with college. Finally in 2008 I knew I wanted to get my degree. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to focus on, but since I loved computers, I thought IT would be good. I was immediately drawn to website design and finished up with a BSIT in 2011. Since then I’ve been building my business slowly while working full time. I know that my business will not be self-sustaining for many more years, but I wasn’t sure what else I could do until I believe that God put this person in my way to make me think.

So, as of this week, I am working on getting my teaching certificate! It will take all of 6 months to finish the basics of the program before I can be hired on a probationary certificate. Once I’m hired as a full time teacher, I will be able to take the test for my permanent certificate and be done (all in all 2 years).

I’m super excited!

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