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Anyone is more than welcome to comment on this blog. I love getting to know you and want to hear from you. That being said, this blog is a safe place for people to come together and “trip through our faith” together. While I welcome comments and do not have a problem with people who disagree with me or others who may comment on this site, I will not tolerate certain comments on this site. You have the right to say whatever you want, however, since this is my site and I’ve declared it a safe place, I have the right to delete any comments I see fit. Will I delete every single comment that doesn’t agree with me or someone else’s point of view? No, but I will delete them if they are downright offensive, contain cussing, contain threats, hate speech, etc.,  do not contribute to the actual conversation at hand and so on.

Anyone can comment on the site either with the use of their real name, a pseudonym or anonymously. All comments will be held for moderation and will be posted after review.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment policy. I do truly hope that you will stick around and chat with me!

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