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This site is a safe place. A place where we can come together and talk about our struggles.

The title Tripping Through Faith came about as I thought about my journey through faith over the years. As humans, we struggle with sin on a daily basis, after all we are born sinners. When we come to know Christ, it’s not an automatic, I’m done sinning, life will be great and wonderful and nothing else will go wrong, kind of thing. It’s actually the same as everyone else. We still struggle with sin, we still struggle with situations and things we are forced to face either from our own choices or the choices of others around us. So, as we grow in Christ and in our understanding of peace, faith, grace, salvation, etc. we trip.

I used to have another blog called Blessed Beyond Measure. And while I am still blessed beyond measure and while that blog allowed me to be more open with people than I ever had before, I felt God moving me in a different direction. I felt Him calling me to open up even more, to be more honest, to talk about the things that a lot of parents, especially mothers won’t always dare to say. I’ll be honest, I’m scared to do this. This level of honesty sometimes terrifies me, but I know this is the path I’m on right now.

I hope you will join me and trip through your faith with me.

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